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Die.... by rainycloudywindy Die.... by rainycloudywindy
This is my entry for a drawing contest, which has the theme of alligator ninja.

She is in humanoid form, but since she is a young alligator, her powers of transformation are considerably weak so she has little freedom with fashion and color. xD

I am NOT advocating the the use of alligator skin for clothing, since it is essentially a part of my ninja (she can't change into other clothes...); her clothes is her skin and vice versa.

The pose, the shadowed face, and the word "Die" are inspired by the scene in the Trinity Blood anime where Father Hugh de Watteau (a.k.a. Sword Dancer) "annihilates the vampires of Amsterdam."

Enjoy! =D

EDIT: My sister :iconbutterflyamore: and I have started a joint project for alligator ninjas! =D I'll link them all here! =3

Passion by ButterflyAmore: [link]
Clever idea. Nice job!
rainycloudywindy May 31, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! =3
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